Obstacles of Being Blind

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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There are many obstacles for the blind. Some of these obstacles would be not knowing if you get correct change at a store, or being able to drive, and maybe even knowing when to cross the cross-walk. People also tend to “baby” and feel sorry for the blind, they don’t want that.

Social interaction for the blind is difficult. They don’t know who to trust or who not to. For example, a blind person goes to the grocery store and they pay for their groceries, how do they know if the cashier gives them correct change back? Another obstacle in social interaction would be someone talking to you but you don’t know because you cant see who it is or if they are looking at you which would indicate that they were talking to you. I’ve had the experience of being blind for a day, and some people liked to pick on me and “punk” me out. This made it very hard for me to function normally like im sure it is for actual blind people.

The perception that most people have of a blind person is that they are helpless and incapable of doing things for themselves. Most people feel sorry for the visually impaired, but when I was blind for that one day, that was the last thing I wanted people doing. The blind aren’t as helpless as most people think. They can read with brail, and they can understand voices better than we can. The blind are more capable than most people think.

There are also many environmental obstacles that the blind have to face. One of these obstacles is driving. How can a blind person drive? That is very dangerous for them, other drivers, and pedestrians. Just walking could be dangerous. Crossing a cross-walk is hard if you cant see if there are cars coming. Another hard task would be cooking. I don’t know of many brail recipes for the blind so therefore it’d be hard to cook a meal. how are they supposed to know how much of an ingredient they need or what to pre-heat their oven to. It would be very dangerous using an oven, it would be easy for a blind person to hurt...
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