Observing a Stranger

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Observing a Stranger
I picked to do my observation of a woman at a park playing with her son. It was on Monday are last day of nice beautiful warm sunny weather we had this week. And the park was packed with lots of children and their mothers. All enjoying themselves before the rain was to return.

This woman I observed was about 5ft 2in and about 130lbs. She had long brown hair with some blond and purple strips in it. She was also very tan for this time of year. She was dress in black short and a purple tank top and black and silver flip flops. She looks to be about 23yrs old and a soccer mom.

This woman is really enjoying her time with her son. They play on the slide, she pushes him in the swings, and they play on the jungle gym. She has a lot of energy to be able to stay caught up with him. She appears to have a lot of patience with him it is really good to see. She enjoys the other kids at the park as well she plays with all of them. She looks really happy to be at the park with her son. She is not like some of the moms just sitting back watching. When her little boy or any of the children get their feelings hurt or is upset she is kind and patient.

From the way she is with the children, she must have a career working with them. I think she may be a teacher or working to be a teacher. Or maybe she works with children in another field, since she seems to enjoy it so much. She has the personality and qualities it takes to be a great teacher, especially for elementary children. It takes a special kind to be great at that job. She seems like she would be great. I think this woman lives in a 3 bedroom house and has just one son but wants more children to fill the house. At this point in her life I don’t think she is married. She appears to want that when she finds the right one, but she doesn’t look like she is in a hurry. At this time her son and her career are her first priority.

After watching this young lady for about a half hour...
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