Observing Math Instruction

Topics: Education, Subtraction, Addition Pages: 5 (1873 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Observing Math Instruction
Jeraldine Smith
Grand Canyon University
EED 364
Amanda Bruce
September 23, 2012

On September 20, 2012 I observed in Mr. Jones 1st grade math class. The lesson was based on how to teach addition and subtraction to first grader. In this paper I will be observing an elementary mathematic lesson based on a math standards. The standards The National Council of Teachers of Mathematic (NCTM) are to guide educators on how to teach math the correct way. In comparing and contrasting traditional mathematic, and constructivist-type programs, there are many differences in addressing the standards. The traditional program support teachers to give lecture to student in learning. The standards gave educator the authorities to teach in their own way that best accommodate students. The traditional teaching allows student to ask question and discuss concept to gain understanding. The traditional teaching build a foundation for learning, they are not seen as an active agents in their own learning process. The constructivist –type programs believes that learners should learn math based on their own experiences. The constructivist support learning to be done with others or in groups to gain knowledge. It supports that teachers should be a facilitator and not a lecturer, like the old way of teaching. The constructivist approach of teaching will direct students in the right direction to access the resources to help gain an understanding of what they are learning. Learning is an active agent in their own learning process. The constructivist type programs have set standards that will increase student curiosity through inquiry-based approach to instruction (Fuller, 2001). The limitation of traditional program is that students are not given a chance to show their knowledge that they learn in class. They are not allowed to ask question or have a discussion to better understand the task. If the program allowed student to discuss or ask question it would probably be beneficial. The limitation of constructivist program is that learners are not given the foundation knowledge. It would be beneficial if students were give prior knowledge to understanding the concept. The objective of the lesson is for the student to be able to solve problems involving addition and subtraction, understand and apply properties of operations and distinguish the relationship between addition and subtraction. According to the (NCTM) the standards that were addressed was for students to be able solve problems involving addition and subtraction, understand and apply properties of operations and distinguish the relationship between addition and subtraction. (Corestandards.org). The lesson I observed for this class was based on adding and subtracting numbers. The important of having standards in mathematic is to guide teachers on what to be taught and what student should be learning at their grade level. Standards enhance students in problem solving, they prepare student to be able to solve real life situations. Students must be able to use their knowledge of math to make sense of complex situation, and communicate understanding to others. Standards prepare students for the real world and help solve tomorrow’s problems. Implementing standards in mathematic give students clear and realistic expectations of what they are expected to learn. Standards are important to our children future, and they also describe what we value. It is important to have standard in mathematic because it challenge students, it encourages students to work together to help build each other’s understanding, standards raised expectation, they describe what students at various age should know and be able to do. (Joseph Rosenstein, 2003). In order for teacher to teach mathematic effectively the educators need to understand the reason for using standards. Standards improve mathematic instruction because all learning activities are student...
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