Observing Blood and Bacteria

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Observing Bacteria and Blood


@. A.List the following parts of the microscope and describe the function of each 1. Eyepiece: x10 or x15 lenses used to look through to view objects within the viewing field 2. Eyepiece Tube: holds the eyepiece

3. Main Tube: moves vertically for focusing
4. Coarse Adjustment: Used for the initial focusing of the viewing field 5. Fine Adjustment knob: Used for the final focusing of the viewing field 6. Stage: holds the specimen or slide
7. Diaphragm: controls the volume of light reaching the specimen or slide 8. Inclination joint: tilts the microscope for angled viewing 9. Light source: a mirror, lamp, or bulb for illuminating slide work 10. Main Tube: connects the eyepiece lenses to the objective lenses 11. Nosepiece & Objective lenses: Holds the objective lenses and rotates them. Objective lenses provide different focal lengths usually x4, x10, x40, and x100 12. Stopper Screw: Stops and prevents movement of the main tube 13. Stage Knobs: adjust the slide’s position on the stage 14. Arm: connects the base to the main tube; provides upright stability 15. Filter: removable; filters the level of bright, direct light for greater visibility 16. Base: connects to the arm and provides lateral stability for viewing

@. B.Define the following microscopy terms:
`. a.Focus: A means of moving the specimen closer or further away from the objective lens to render a sharp image `. b.Resolution: The ability of a lens system to show fine details of the object being observed `. c.Contrast: Contrast refers to the darkness of the background relative to the specimen

`. C.Describe your observations from fresh yogurt slide you prepared in Part III.

In the fresh yogurt slide, I could see both cocci and bacillus bacteria, but...
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