Observational Stages of Piaget/Erikson

Topics: Fine motor skill, Motor control, Motor skills Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: March 20, 2013
CDC Observational Experience, 1-2year old room
1) Age: 22 months, male
* Physical Growth and Development Milestones
1. Physical Characteristics- More well-balanced appearance as compared to the wide-based, top heavy appearance of younger toddlers (also present in the group). 2. Gross motor ability- Walked and ran with ease as compared to the younger children. More normal, less “waddling” gait. Fell 1 time. 3. Fine motor ability- Manual dexterity development shown when turning pages of a book that I was holding during “circle time”. Observed making a circle on the water table with a smaller wand- shaped toy. 4. Sensory Ability- Able to verbally identify colors, shapes, animals (and animal sounds). * Developmental Level of the Child-

The observed child was in the “Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt” stage of Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development. His language was more improved as compared to the limited words of the younger children. He was able to speak in very simple sentences. I first observed autonomy when looking at what he was wearing, a Batman outfit with a cape! The caregivers told me that he likes to wear those things and also has a Superman cape that he chooses to wear. When given a simple command such as “Come and sit down at the table”, he replied “NO!” and kept playing. The caregivers allowed him a few times of defiance, then picked him up and put him in the chair for lunch. The child was fussy for a few minutes in the chair, but did cheer up when given his lunch. He was given a small amount of several different foods and chose only a few to eat. The child fed himself. He was not toilet trained yet. He seemed to be right in the middle of this stage, which is from 1 ½ to 3 years. In reference to Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, the child was in the” Mental Combinations” sensorimotor stage. This was evident in reading our picture book, which had illustrations of different animals and vehicles. He spanned from...
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