Observational Learning

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget Pages: 6 (2192 words) Published: April 15, 2013
There are a number of places where toddlers could be observed unobtrusively - at the park , the playground , the mall , and the daycare center . For the purpose of this study , however , I chose to go to the park and observe parents and their toddlers play together . This way , I could easily observe unobtrusively as people would think I was simply there to write or to write down my thoughts Another benefit that the park has to offer is the lack of formal structures and relationships such as those found at daycare centers . At the park , parents and toddlers could interact easily and in a relax manner . That way , the true nature of the relationship between the parents and the toddlers will be easily observed and analyzed and the understanding of the interactions between parents and children will be better understood . This then seeks to look at such a relationship by presenting direct observations from families and toddlers that visit the park in our community . I had a small notebook with me and it is where I wrote down my observations , as well as the communication that went on between the parents and the children The toddlers that I observed were approximately between 16 to 30 months old and appeared to be pampered by care by their parents . One the toddlers belong to an Asian-American racial stock while the other one to an American family . Although the parents brought strollers with them the toddlers were walking and occasionally carried by their parents Both of the families of the toddlers seem to belong to the middle class Notably , the second toddler belongs to a mother without a father Although the author could not exactly know whether she is a single parent or not , at least based on the observation at the park , the mother does not have any other company in visiting the park Both toddlers appear to be enamored with their surroundings . They do notice the colors in the park and usually exclaim in delight when they see a butterfly or a bird . Apparently , they are already starting to recognize some of the features of the environment and their understanding of what they are is already being formed in the minds of the young kids Toddler 1

The first toddler I observed is male . He displayed curiosity in his surroundings . While they were walking in the park , to the way where the family will sit down for an afternoon snack , the toddler was picking up sticks and leaves on the ground . He raised them to his eyes and offered them to his parents . The mother accepted the offer from the toddler and said that it was a leaf . She explained further that the leaf grows on the branch , which the toddler dutifully picked up and offered to her mother again . When the mother pronounced leaf ' and branch , the toddler also spoke up and attempted to pronounce the same words A child is very much curious and interested in his surroundings . As part of his cognitive development , he notices the shapes , colors , and different sensations and wonders he encounter in his world . Even at such a young age , he is also being initiated into the process of socialization where he learns the views of his parents and of the larger society where he is located (Turner , 1991 . The child , according to Piaget 's theory actively uses his senses to explore his environment and learn about them . Through the use of his senses , he is able to discern relationships among the actions he take and the behavior of the objects that he is viewing (Turner , 1991 Both the component of nature and nurture are at work in this seemingly simple process that the child is going through . He uses his eyes , his ears , his nose , and his whole body to discover the world and learn how it works . His efforts , because they are yet insufficient , are supplemented by his parents , more particularly by his mother , who tells him the names of objects and how they are being referred to in the world Through the explanation of the mother about the nature of the...
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