Observational Learning

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Discussing the application of Observational
Learning on daily Research

This research aims to discuss the application of observational learning on daily life. In research, it will be divided into five parts. The first part is “The definition of Observational Learning”, the second part is “Four processes of observational learning”, the third part is “The role of reinforcement in observational learning”, the forth part is “The application of observational learning”, and the final part is conclusion.

The definition of Observational Learning
Observational learning is based primarily on the work of Albert Bandura (1977). It is the capacity to acquire a new response through observing others’ behavior. Thus, it is innate and inborn. We learn most of behavior, norms or values in our life through observational learning, this capacity help shape our personalities and fitting ourselves into the society. Therefore, observational learning is also called “social learning”. A model is required. People, who can draw individual’s attention on their external behavior or events, can be the model. Imitation is similar to observational learning because they both acquire a new response or behavior through observation. However, they are not the same. Imitation can be a type of responses of observational learning. The individuals, after observing others’ behavior, they may acquire different responses due to the environment and their arousals. For instance, they may imitate what they have seen or refrain doing it or another responses. Therefore, the difference is that imitation only result a single response. In contrast, Observational learning leads to many responses based on the environment and arousal.

Four processes of observational learning
In this section, four processes of observational learning will be discussed. In order to achieve a successful observational learning, four processes should always occur during the learning process. The four processes of...
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