Observational Essay

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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observational essay.

Its Monday a rainy evening, I am sitting in the library waiting for my friend to come, so we could study for our sociology test. The library is humongous; it reminds me of my high school library. This place is silent. In the kids section I hear a little boy crying for a book he wants to read but his mom will not let him read, a baby babbling, and the mother trying to make him quiet. There are two dark skinned boys playing marble drop with their mom’s. There are two cute little girls coloring. There is tall teen looking girl reading stories to kids. There does not seem to be many kids in this section. Therefore, I go back to the main room. I see a girl, who looks like a high school freshman doing her homework quietly. A couple of blocks from her, there are group of blonde girls texting and talking in low voices and teenage girls checking their facebook and chatting about guys. In the main desk, area toward the right of the girls there is a frustrated woman who is trying to swipe the library card but perhaps her card is not working and is asking for help to a librarian. In the non-fiction book, area there is a short woman with brown hair, stacking up the books. Towards her left, there is a tall thin college looking girl arranging the books working a part time job to her college expenses. In the front of the library there are middle school kids waiting for their parents to pick them up. There is staircase next to the main door that leads to the computer room. I take glance over the computer room and it is packed with teens and adults. Some are doing homework while some are chatting in myspace and facebook. It seems like this library is always filled with people. From my observation, I see that some people come to library to study quietly and while others come to check facebook and myspace and it seems like library is a great hangout place for some kids.
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