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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Observational Essay
Whether the sun is just rising, or has been set for some time, you can always find Velocity Sports Performance at 2211 NW Military Hwy Suite 127B San Antonio Texas 78216, hustling and bustling with employees, coaches and its members. This athletic training facility isn’t your ordinary work out facility like Lifetime, Spectrum, or Triton. No – Velocity is a specialized training facility that teaches, coaches, and informs people of all ages to be fit, healthy, and most of all how to be a better athlete. Open six days out of the week, from dusk till dawn, and ready to help however and whenever they can, Velocity Sports Performance is the definition of a booming business. With their focal colors of red and black on their logo screening through the front windows of the facility, you get a sense of who they are and what’s in store for you once you walk through those big glass doors. You’re immediately greeted by a friendly face sitting at the front desk, usually a coach on their off time. Then you walk down a long hallway, past all the coaches’ offices, preparing yourself to embark on the intense workout that lies ahead.

As an athlete coming to Velocity, all that’s on your mind as you walk down that long hallway is working hard so you can become a better athlete walking out of that hallway. The inspirational quotes on the walls of the waiting room, the multiple posters of sponsors, like Gatorade, hung about the facility, and the pictures of highly esteemed professional athletes upon the walls are all reminders that you’re going to get top-notch instruction as well as a killer workout. I sat down with a good friend and head coach at velocity, Ronnie Canedo to ask him a few questions about his personal views on Velocity. “ We try to make this a place kids and adults enjoy coming to everyday, so that working out and improving your skills becomes a want to, not a have to.” I can vouch for that myself and say that they surely have succeeded. I...
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