Observation Report

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Observation Report

Toni Kaminski
ECE 205 – 020 Patrick Lewis November 22, 2007

Observation of a Child in a Preschool Setting (Ages 3 -4)
Westhill Church Preschool (Happy Heart?)
November 1 2007
Thursday, P.M.

Running Record Sample – 1 hour

This is an observation of child A., a young three-year-old Caucasian female in a preschool room of a church. The one-hour observation includes the child listening to a story, and playing during “center time” with the interaction with other peers and Mrs. H., the teacher. Both the peers and the teacher are of Caucasian background; in addition, there are no children from multicultural backgrounds.

Time Observation

1:50 Children come marching into preschool classroom and bolt towards the chairs by the bulletin board. Mrs. H. excitedly announces the story “A Bed for winter” that she is going to read. Once children are settled, all the children boastingly sing “eyes open, ears open, mouths closed, hands on lap, look forward” and this is were Mrs. H. starts reading her story. In addition, I focus my attention on A.

Based on the incidents above I believe that this classroom is well directed and the teacher has much control over the students (as no one got out of line, and if the children did go out of line, Mrs. H. was sure to tell them otherwise). (Wasserman)

1:53As Mrs. H. is reading the story A. is not paying attention. When Mrs. H. starts asking questions about the story, A. is the only one who does not say anything. This continues for a couple of minutes with A. playing with her pigtails, looking around the classroom and is fidgeting non-stop.

A. definitely shows her need for movement. I think since A. is the youngest girl in the classroom feels inferior to the other children therefore she does not feel the need to respond. I also think that when A. is not listening she is exploring the environment around her to get a better understanding of it and her peers.

2:00After Mrs. H. is done the story she once again asks questions. In addition, she applies the story to other animals and objects that may need a “bed” during the wintertime.

Through interpretation of other animals and objects, the children learn how to apply once concept to a different one to produce an intense collective knowledge system (cognition).

I have taken this topic from my EPSY textbook by Berk where she comments on how children develop schemes on one subject but then organize them and link them to other concepts to have an intense interconnected cognitive system.

2:05Mrs. H. announces that it is time for “CENTERS.” The “leader” student (the teacher goes through the class list alphabetically, so each child will become a leader while the children are at preschool) is the first to pick what center he wants to work at, then the other students follow. When all the other children have picked a center, A. looks around and slowly walks over to the puzzle/pumpkin/play dough table, which happens to be empty.

Mrs. H. allows the children to pick their own activities indicating a “can-do” classroom as well as “can-do” students. (Wasserman) Once again, I would like to bring up the issue of A. being inferior and intimidated by the other students. I think this is shown when A. wants to work quietly by herself at the puzzle table. Although the other students intimidate A., she is aware of her surroundings as well she is able to make her own decisions.

2:07As A. is working patiently and quietly at the table, Mrs. H. looks over at her and notices A. having trouble solving a puzzle. Without hesitation, Mrs. H. walks swiftly over to A. to help her. A. looks up at Mrs. H. then back down at her puzzle. Mrs. H. quickly asks A., “What are you working on A.?” A. does not reply but...
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