Observation Report

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Observation Report Template

Number: __1___
Date: ____2/3/2011_____
Name: _Deniz Sen___
Name of School/Institution: Georgetown University - EFL Program Class Information
Number of students__12___
Level__advanced (elective)__
Age Average (estimate)__25___

What is the focus of the class (what do you think the objective is?)

The overall focus of the course is to help EFL students grasp English grammar and eventually become proficient users. The objective of this class was to review recently learned material. The students were given a fill in the blanks worksheet to complete at home. The worksheet was mostly a review of verbs, conjugations and tenses.

How does the teacher address that objective? (Are there activities? Lead-ins? Pair/group work? What does the teacher do or set up?)

The teacher started the class by giving general feedback about the homework, stating that the class needed to work more on rules of punctuation. The class then divided into pairs and went over the worksheets, discussing the comments the teacher had made on their papers and trying to correct their mistakes. The class then went over the worksheet together as a class, each person doing one exercise.

What is the balance of teacher talking time to student talking time?

There was very little teacher talking time in the beginning. The teacher started off the class by talking for approximately five minutes. He then let the students work in pairs while he mingled among them and corrected mistakes or answered questions. He regularly provided examples to illustrate his point.

Does the teacher engage the students? Equally? Fairly?

The teacher engaged the students equally, giving each one a chance to do an exercise. He answered all the questions and provided extra help to those who couldn’t provide the right answer. The way he called on each student to read aloud his answer made sure that the same students weren’t always being called on while others were...
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