Observation Paper

Topics: Critical thinking, The MLA Style Manual, Credibility Pages: 12 (2498 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Central Ohio Technical College
Division of Arts and Sciences
English/Communications Department
Spring Quarter 2011
March 28-June 3, 2010
Syllabus Part I

Course Title: Composition I

Course NumberCOM 1535N

Course Credit:4 Credit Hours

Class meeting times:online

Instructor:Andrea Janelle Dickens

Office Hours:online, will check Monday and Wednesday evenings

Course Prerequisites:
Asset Placement or Passing grade of C or better in 1400, (or a score of at least 75 on the COMPASS writing skills test, and a score of at least 85 on the COMPASS reading skills test, or a score of at least 44 on the ASSET reading skills test.

** This course is not open to students with credit for: 1111, 1502, 1506, 1508, 1511, 1520, 1532, or 1533. Minimum Passing grade for this course is a C (72% or 2.0)

Course Description:Composition One is a writing intensive theme-based course that facilitates the development of college-level writing skills. Students will compose papers using expository writing while incorporating one’s own thinking with credible research using MLA format. The course emphasizes critical thinking, analytical reading, thesis development and deep revision of one’s own compositions. The course also includes analysis of audience and theme in one’s own writing and the writings of others, while developing the student’s critical reading skills.

Course Goals:
Upon completion of this course the student should have mastered the following skills.

1.00 Critically evaluate and analyze various readings, print media, and visual media related to the course theme.

2.00Analyze intended audience needs, backgrounds, and expectations to compose coherent essays that inform and persuade..

3.00 Comprehend and apply credible research sources using the conventions of MLA.

4.00 Produce research based college-level compositions which reflect the ability to comprehend varying points of view and to draw independent conclusions.

Required Resources:
Textbook:Faigley, L. (2010). Writing a guide for college and beyond (2nd ed.). Pearson Longman. You must have this edition of the text. The first edition does not contain the required critical readings.

Aaron J. (2010). The little, brown compact handbook with exercises (7th ed.). Pearson Longman.

Course Theme: The American Experience (Course themes are subject to change on a quarterly basis) Throughout the course students will be given the opportunity to analyze common constructs of contemporary American culture. We will explore various topics that may include, but are not limited to, pop culture, technology, and family structures. Utilizing readings from the text and additional resources, students will discuss, challenge, and evaluate the ever changing definition of what it means to live in the United States. Each of the writing assignments listed below will require an in-depth analysis of one’s own perceptions compared and contrasted with the views, experiences, and observations of American writers.

ITS Resources: Tech Connect
http://www.cotc.edu/faculty-and-staff/it-support/Pages/index.aspx Student Services: http://www.cotc.edu/student-life/services/Pages/index.aspx Library: http://www.cotc.edu/libraries/Pages/default.aspx

General Policies

In order to develop skills effectively, it is the responsibility of the student to check the syllabus for due dates, participate in all discussion group assignments, and complete all assignments on time. Students are responsible for all quizzes and tests, assigned readings, course content, and all assignments Failure to keep up with assignments, readings, and due dates will seriously jeopardize the student’s learning and ultimately, the final grade. No late work will be accepted, with the exception of a documented excuse i.e. a medical excuse or extreme circumstances (as deemed appropriate by the...
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