Observation Paper

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Observation Paper
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Observation Paper
In America when people are communicating personal space and other non verbal communication skills are important to remember to make the communication successful. The main purpose of this paper is to observe individual verbal and nonverbal behaviors in a typical business office. The first objective is to analyze the ways the individuals used space to communicate. The third objective is to determine what the individuals’ appearances reveal about the formality or context of the situation. The fourth objective is to establish if the verbal and nonverbal communication is congruent. The fifth objective is to examine how other nonverbal behaviors affect the perceptions of each individual. The final objective is to identify the most important lesson learned from this observation. In daily life an individual will witness numerous verbal and nonverbal behaviors of others and without realizing make perceptions based on those behaviors. The observation area was a local business, National Lloyds Insurance in the underwriting department, during a Thursday afternoon. This observation includes individuals having both personal and business conversations. The verbal and nonverbal behaviors were business casual because the individuals communicating with each other interact daily. Use of Space

The office the observation was conducted in has employees working in cubicles and supervisors in offices. Some conversations included multiple employees. The group, of nine employees, involved in the first conversation formed a circle without realizing it. Each person was at least an arm length or more from the next person. Everyone is in a viewable position to everyone else, some standing up others leaning on the cubicle walls. Everyone is speaking in a normal volume. The conversation is open and comfortable; it is a conversation about the Baylor Lady Bears Basketball team and their recent win. During another...
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