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Observation on Starbucks

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Observation on Starbucks

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  • November 2012
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I am sitting on a chair at Starbucks on West Grand River Avenue. This chair looks like ordinary one that I can see in the library, but it is comfier than I expected. It is 04:27 PM now, but the lightening in here makes me feel like it is 7:27 PM. The interior lightening is pretty dim, but still bright enough to read. I can see many people concentrating on their works quietly: some are reading books and others are doing something with their laptops. There are plenty of electric outlets on the wall for people using their gadgets. Many people are sitting around my table. With people talking to their company, I can hear music as well. I don’t know the exact names, musicians, and genres of them, but I think they are good to listen to even when reading a book—they don’t bother me at all. I guess the genres are kinds of lounge and jazz. While writing this so far, I have been observing the counter side simultaneously. Baristas are wearing same uniforms and caps. They seem really busy, but they all smile talking to their customers. I smell some nice caramelized, roasted beans and chocolate. Some cakes and sandwiches are displayed next to the counter. I cannot smell any unpleasant scent, even though I am sitting quite close to them. There is some stand up banner around the counter announcing that Starbucks has started to sell their seasonal beverages. Also, I can see well organized VIA packages that are a newly launched flavor, anniversary beans and mugs. This Starbuck branch looks like long I. This space is long and narrow, so while sitting this end, I cannot see the other end. But the lightening of the other side seems lower than my area. There are various types of tables and chairs: some are for one person, and others are for groups of people. Every table and chair including bar tables and stools in this place looks very simple, but sturdy as well. Also, they all are brownish like coffee beans. I can see people walking fast and a bunch of cars though the window, but...

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