Observation of "Raphael's School of Athens"

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Observation of "Raphael's School of Athens"
After observing The School of Athens I was able to notice things I had never noticed before. The more I observed, the more intrigued I became. I was able to see many details that make this work a masterpiece. I saw interactions between the people. I also observed the elements that unify the painting, such as balance.

When looking at The School of Athens I can see many interactions taking place. There are 50 people in this painting. The people seem to be important and are all gathered together for something. Each person has a different expression which makes the painting interesting. The first person I noticed was a man leaning on a stone and writing. He looks like he is in deep thought. The second person I observed was a man lying on the stairs. He seems to be holding a rolled up paper.

I also see two men that are the center of the painting. They are walking toward the viewer, and seem to be having a discussion about something. I can assume that they are important because there are people on both sides watching them. After I saw these men to, my eye went down to the bottom left corner where there is a group of people listening or observing, a man who is reading a book. In the opposite corner there is another group of people all looking down at something on the ground.

Someone that stands out to me the most is a man on the left wearing white. He is looking right at the viewer and his eyes always follow the viewers. An old man is holding a baby, almost hidden on the far left. On the right there are some men wearing hats and having a discussion. One of them is holding a globe and another is holding what looks like a globe but it is hard to tell.

The perspective of this painting is straight forward. When I look at it I feel like I am looking in. The eye moves from the outer corners of the painting, easily towards the center. It has a lot of depth because the things in the front are large and then in the...
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