Observation of Child at Play

Topics: Psychology, Kick, Association football Pages: 4 (1225 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Observation of Child at Play
Time: 6:04-6:38
Location: School field/Playground
Child: Abigail, 72 months, girl
Description: light red hair and freckles all over her face, very outgoing, talkative, and youngest out of two girls, loves to socialize, in the 1st grade. Observation:
I walked up to the park where Abigail and her team were practicing. She was laying on the grass picking up a flower. She walks over to her dad and gives it to him. The whistle blows and she gets up and runs to the practice field. She then begins to kick a ball and turns when she hears she dad tell her to get with everybody else. She then runs to the other players and proceeds to tickle the little boy next to her. She laughs as he does it back to her. She then walks over to her dad because he called her over. As he is talking to her, she begins to cry and shake her head. She walks back over to the team and starts kicking the ball in the drill like the rest of the kids. She ten starts to smile as she is kicking the ball down the field. She gets to the end of the field and kicks the ball in the goal. She jumps up and down. She then gets her ball out of the net and takes it to the middle of the field with her dad. As she is walking she starts to sing to herself. Another little boy comes over to her and they both walk and sing together. When they get to the middle Abigail is standing still. She is listening and not moving. After the coach (her dad) stops talking, she moves to the other side of the field by a cone. She stands in line and waits her turn. As she waits she is looking at the other kids and laughing. She turns and looks at another boy and he says something to her and she laughs again. She then turns back to the field and starts to kick the ball to the other cone. As she is running, she is looking down at the ball and not smiling. She looks focused and is running fast with the ball. When she reaches the other side, she picks up her ball and gets in line behind another boy. She...
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