Observation of Black Friday Shopping

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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My wife loves to go Black Friday shopping. I decided to venture out with her as I was curious about the environment. I figured it would be a great observation point as it is intense and very busy. We left our home at 6:30pm and arrived at Walmart at 7:00pm on Thanksgiving night. The parking lot was completely full and people were searching for carts in between cars. I immediately knew this was going to be a long night. As we entered the front door, we were already stopped by the masses of people. There were lines curving in every direction and people seemed to have already lost their patience. There was a strong body odor that we noticed from the multitudes of people crammed together and the vibe was they were out for blood. It started to become very comical for me.

After finding our way to the back of the store and waiting in line for the discounted Wii, we reserved one of the twenty precious tickets. They would not begin handing out the units until 8pm, and for some reason, decided to make us stand in another line to pay for it before we could finish out shopping. This surprise detail had people irate. Since the blow horn sounded at 8pm on the dot, people were tearing down the plastic wrapping of all the other deals and filling their carts. The unfortunate ones who wanted the Wii could not get out of line to shop the store until after their Wii was paid for. I knew this was the perfect time to break my norm.

While my wife stood in one line, I walked to the other line and cut in front of about eight people. This was probably not the smartest thing to do as people started yelling and because furious. For safety reasons, I did not stay in that line long, but returned to my wife. She was incredibly embarrassed, and we still had to stand in line next to all these people who were making smart remarks and glaring at us. People were very upset that I would do such a thing and I'll be honest and say I would never attempt that again.

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