Observation Journal #1 2 Year Old

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Conrado Valido
Professor Sandra Soucie
Life Span and Development
10th of November 2012
Observation Journal #1
I observed two children who were about two and half years old. They were playing around in a Children’s Room in a public library. It seems like these two kids are somehow related. I talked to the person who was with them and just watching them if it was all right to observe and she said it was fine. The children seem to be healthy kids, just playing around with the toys just lying around. They were both boys.

In terms of language, it seems like the kids understands and knows how to speak but with just little words. One kid said for example, “Mine!” yelling to the other kid about her toy car. The kids were obviously playing together and even though they are not saying much but just making random sounds to each other, they seem to understand it. They laugh together randomly.

For social interaction, one kid seems to be a little bit selfish. I would think it’s because he is currently in the stage of “just right” principle where children wants everything in their own way. An example is when the other kid grabbed on of the toy cars just laying around and the other kid just yelled “Mine!” like I mentioned earlier.

The children seem to have a territorial “thing” going on. They were surrounded by a lot of toys but they only play with the ones that are near them and they arrange the toys to where they can reach it. The toys were also arrange in a way that it surrounds them and it seems like they are the only one who can play with them.

I think the children were in a stage of egocentrism that was suggested by Piaget. Egocentrism is Piaget’s term for type of centration in which child sees world solely from his/her personal perspective. Piaget believed that young children were limited by their egocentric perspective.

My observation ended when one of the kids started crying I think because he could not find the lady that was with them. They...
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