Observation Essay- on a Dog

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Amy Packer(Walck)
Rebecca Foy

Observing A Family Dog

The observation of a family owned dog, a black lab. A lot of family owned dogs are usually friendly in nature.

Through my observations of a family owned black lab. I had noticed a few things like actions, habits, and some behaviors. The black lab along with a lot of family dogs are usually friendly in nature. All dogs show different behaviors due to how they are raised and trained.

Some of the actions that I had noticed while observing a family owned black lab are that she was very protective of all the family members especially the kids. By this I mean when I saw a stranger approach the family home while the kids were outside in the yard she stood in front of the kids while she barked and growled at the stranger that was approaching. I noticed to that as the family walked her she got along with everyone that they had passed.

As I observed this family dog is that she had no known secrets. I have never known of any dogs to have or show that they have any secrets. She also showed no unusual habits. She only showed the normal habits of a dog which are eating, sleeping, and bathroom.

The family owned dog showed her moods through her temperaments. She showed some dramatic mood changes this was evident and I also noticed that these mood changes were due to her being pregnant. As we all know that pregnancy causes some mood swings due to hormone changes no matter if you are human or non human.

This family owned dog like all other family owned dogs that I know can be known as private creatures and as public creatures. This is because while they are indoors they are only seen by family and those who visit which make them private creatures. When they go outdoors for few reasons like bathroom, to play, go on walks, and go to the vets they can be seen by anyone which makes them public creatures.

I also noticed in my observations that the family owned black lab...
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