Observation Essay

Topics: The Jerry Springer Show, Chair, Jerry Springer Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Georgia Canales
Observation essay

I like to observe things such as people, places, and things outdoors like the birds, the trees, and people doing outdoor things. So this assignment is a good thing for me. Being able to sit there and watch people and take down notes is enjoying to me. Being able to observe things such as people, place, and things is a good way to see in depth how people adapt to their everyday life. You can then see in detail, different things like fishing, raking their yards, playing with their family that people or do in their everyday life. The room is fifteen by twelve feet. The color on the walls is white. There are two windows. There is a desktop computer, a couch, a chair, and a thirty gallon fish tank. My father is watching the television while sitting on the couch. He is in the living room of my apartment viewing The Jerry Springer show. The noises in the area are the television, the fish tank, and the heating system. The noise of the fish tank is the cleaning system in it and of the heating system is that it is cutting on and off. He is drinking a bottle of water. After he finishes the water, he starts playing with the empty bottle by crushing the bottle, and taking the paper off of it. He has moments when he starts shaking his left leg and then will stop. Later he has moments were he will slouch over to his left side then he will sit back up. He has spoken to me by asking me what I am doing and I told him I was just writing some notes down. The program is about to come to an end. So he sits up and is waiting for it to end so he can go to the bathroom. Now he is sitting slouched to his left side with his right hand over his head. He is facing the television. The remote is in his left hand and is sitting on the couch facing the television. He has been talking to me and he is irritated because his bank account is saying he has overdrawn. The...
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