Observation and Child

Topics: Observation, Play, Scientific method Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: January 26, 2012
Date of Observation: 26th January 2012
Time started and finished of observation 09.40-10.00
Number of children present: 16
Number of adults present: Two childcare worker two students (Including me the observer)
Permission obtained from: Supervisor
Description of setting: This observation took place in a pre-school in a village in the midlands. It took place in a morning session in the pre –school class. It caters for two years and six months to school going age. The pre-school is open from 9.30 am– 12.30pm Monday to Friday and caters for 18 children. It is one large room all female staff. Immediate context: The observation took place in the large play room. This is a large airy room with plenty of colourful toys. The room can accommodate a total of 18 children and there are 15 present today. Brief description of the child observed: TC is a female 3 year and three month old. TC four years old sister attends the pre-school.TC mother runs the pre-school.TC has brown hair. TC father works full time.TC lives with both parents, TC is sitting at a table for most of this observation playing with a van, digger and a truck. Aim of observation: The aim of this observation is to observe a TC for a period of 20 minutes in order to see TC emotional development in the free flow play of a child 3 years and three months. I would hope over the 20 minutes that the child has emotional develop. My personal aim for this observation is to learn how they are done and improve on my observation skills and to become a better observer. Method: Narrative

Media used: Pen and paper

Evaluation: The aim of the observation is to observe the physical development of a child that is 3 years and one month.

Personal learning:
The observation method worked well for the physical development, especial when she was playing at the table. Observation. The narrative method was a good to use to observe the child movements . The narrative method trained me to watch the child and...
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