Observation Analysis

Topics: Observation Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Venue: Studious Buzz Zone on ground floor of the Library
The studious buzz zone is opposite to the help desk and the entrance. Several sofas, four computers and tables, a big screen and a shelf with various newspapers are set in this area. It is open to all the students and staff.

What did people do here? Any patterns observed?
This venue is quite popular among study groups who need a place allowing them to discuss freely. In an hour, four study groups came in, sat on the ground and started their team work. They preferred to sit in circle around the corner, the place that was comparatively isolated. You could also find numbers of students and staffs brought their food and drinks with themselves and had a rest here. Since food and drinks were not allowed in many places of the library, those who wanted to have food would come here. These people usually shared the same pattern that they would read books or stare at their computers while eating. During the observation, seven people went straight forward to the newspaper shelf, picked up their favourite copy, found a seat and began to read. They usually came in alone and knew exactly what they wanted to read. There was another group of people who regarded the buzz zone as a place to answer phones. They spoke with normal volume and usually for quite a long time. The final main activity people did here was to use the computers to search for books they needed. Once got the information, they will leave the zone immediately. For them, the zone provided nothing but searching services.

It was quite interesting to find out that the groups observed all came from the outside while four-fifths of the individuals were already inside the library. The groups usually popped up and left together. Several group members would choose to stay in the library after discussion. In contrast, individuals who had food and study alone would continue their stay in library. For them, buzz zone is a rest place to refresh themselves. They...
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