Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

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Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

Target Audience: Consumers
Objective 1: To regain 50 percent of P&G’s losses from product returns by June 2007. Strategy1: P&G will allow all returns of SK-II products without question and under no specific conditions.

Tactic 1: Host a press conference to publicize return policy change. * Arrange press conference to occur at the largest SK-II sales counter in Beijing * Invite local, regional, cosmetic media representatives to attend conference * Specify that the conference will feature P&G Asia region president and VP sales and marketing * Provide media with press release at the conference containing details and full description of return policy * Arrange follow-up interviews with Asia president, and marketing & sales VP Tactic 2: Provide return policy information through social media channels and outlets * Post information on SK-II’s Sina Weibo (equivalent of Twitter) and SK-II website * Provide signage at all SK-II counters

* Send postcards to regular customers who are on a sales counter’s mailing list

Strategy 2: Restore brand loyalty and trust among past consumers with free giveaways and Product discounts
Tactic 1: Plan and execute monthly SK-II beauty parties at every sales counter. * Promote these events on SK-II website and social media platforms the week before * Invite regular customers who may be on a mailing list via postcard * Send email ‘postcard’ to web/newsletter subscribers * Provide signage for each counter the day of event

* Provide each counter with 1,000 sample-sized products to give away * Provide appetizers at counters to attract more customers Tactic 2: Promote flash sales on SK-II products on social media platforms at least once per week * Create a link where customers can buy the discounted product online and post it on the website * Discount product at 25% off

* Limit product purchase to one per person
* Limit supplies to 10,000 products per sale

Target Audience: SK-II Employees
Objective 1: To increase pride and happiness within SK-II employees by 15 percent by June 1, 2007.
Strategy 1: Provide training and support to SK-II counter personnel and management. Tactic 1: Hold a two-day employee-training workshop that educates employees on new policies. * Invite all employees to a mandatory six-hour training workshop. * Day One: Public apology from CEO to all employees, introduction to new policies and upcoming promotional events.

* Day Two: Educational presentations, team competitions that include surprise stipends for employees.
* All employees are compensated for attending.
* All employees will receive free SK-II products for attending.

Tactic 2: Apologize for difficult return policy that put employees in harm’s way. Evaluation: Through education within the company, employees will feel more comfortable handling difficult customers. This will be ensured by the distribution of surveys to all employees about their pride and happiness in the company. By apologizing to its employees, trust will be re-gained throughout the entire company.

Target Audience: Government Officials
Objective: To increase interaction and communication between Procter and Gamble and Chinese government officials by 35 percent by June 2007.
Strategy 1: Increase transparent communication about manufacturing processes of SK-II products to rebuild trust among the government.
Tactic 1: Offer VIP factory tours and inspections of factories. * Invite all Chinese government officials to the factory and pay for round trip travel and lodging costs.
* Plan and host executive dinner following the tour.
* Provided printed summary of factory divisions and production procedures within each division.
Tactic 2: Provide results for annual self-retesting to ensure chemical levels are within...
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