Objectives of the Study - "Friday the 13th"

Topics: Friday the 13th, Belief, Luck Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: January 5, 2013
A Study in the Belief of Friday the 13th Based on the Opinions of Casa Del Niño Science High School Students

The objective of the study is to help the people know everything about Friday the 13th by thoroughly researching significant information about this topic. However, the general objective of the study is to provide the readers with information that answers the readers’ curiosities regarding the study such as how did it came upon on the first place and what are the things that people should believe regarding Friday the 13th and such. These are the other objectives that the researchers would like to achieve: * To help the readers identify whether or not the different controversies and superstitions related to the topic are true. * To analyse different beliefs regarding the topic.

* To let the readers know if this superstition should be believed in or not. * To be able to state trustworthy information and facts about Friday the 13th. * To let the readers understand several issues and opinions about Friday the 13th. * To let the readers know what information should they believe or not believe to. The survey that the researchers will conduct for three days shall help to achieve these stated objectives because the researchers will know regarding Friday the 13th on what are the opinions of the students and what most students believe in and this will help them to impart reliable and trustworthy information about this certain day that can guide students to the things that they should really believe in or not.
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