Objectives of Monetary Policy

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Objectives of Monetary Policy

The objectives of a monetary policy in India are similar to the objectives of its five year plans. In a nutshell planning in India aims at growth, stability and social justice. After the Keynesian revolution in economics, many people accepted significance of monetary policy in attaining following objectives. 1. Rapid Economic Growth

2. Price Stability
3. Exchange Rate Stability
4. Balance of Payments (BOP) Equilibrium
5. Full Employment
6. Neutrality of Money
7. Equal Income Distribution
These are the general objectives which every central bank of a nation tries to attain by employing certain tools (Instruments) of a monetary policy. In India, the RBI has always aimed at the controlled expansion of bank credit and money supply, with special attention to the seasonal needs of a credit. Let us now see objectives of monetary policy in detail :-

1. Rapid Economic Growth : It is the most important objective of a monetary policy. The monetary policy can influence economic growth by controlling real interest rate and its resultant impact on the investment. If the RBI opts for a cheap or easy credit policy by reducing interest rates, the investment level in the economy can be encouraged. This increased investment can speed up economic growth. Faster economic growth is possible if the monetary policy succeeds in maintaining income and price stability. 2. Price Stability : All the economics suffer from inflation and deflation. It can also be called as Price Instability. Both inflation are harmful to the economy. Thus, the monetary policy having an objective of price stability tries to keep the value of money stable. It helps in reducing the income and wealth inequalities. When the economy suffers from recession the monetary policy should be an 'easy money policy' but when there is inflationary situation there should be a 'dear money policy'. 3. Exchange Rate Stability : Exchange rate is the price of a...
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