Objectives of British Airways

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  • Published : October 26, 2008
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British Airways is the national airline company of the UK and one of the largest in Europe. They were formed in 1972 but faced stiff competition when Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin Atlantic’ airline company was formed in 1984. Both companies had a tense relationship with each other which ended ‘one of the most bitter and protracted libel actions in aviation history’. (Quote from www.wikipedia.org)

Objectives of British Airways

Like all businesses one of their objectives were to maximise profits however after September 11th they had to change their aim to having an increase in security as this was the main issue globally and they needed to keep their customers safe after the horrific terrorism attacks in the U.S.A.

Objective: To increase security to combat terrorism

Specific – To increase security for the safety of passengers and staff Measurable – Hand luggage of passengers was reduced to a ‘plastic bag’, ‘stop and search’ was also put into place and metal detectors as well as a regular ‘anti-terrorism drills’ Achievable - More security staff will be in place and they have the finances to do so. Realistic – This objective is realistic as terrorism is a threat and they also have the finances to do so to ensure that all passengers and staff are fully protected. Time-bound - This was put into force straight away but over the years it has been relaxed as the treat of terrorism has fallen. Objective: To increase profit by the end of the tax year 2009

Specific – To increase profit by the end of the tax year 2009 than this year’s profit which is currently at £694 million. Measurable – Annual reports show that in 2006/07 they had 148.3 million customers within the UK; they need to regularly monitor the amount of customers that fly with them. Possibly increase their promotions on certain flights such as offering ‘special deals’ and to increase the level of customer service that they provide. They could also reduce their expenses to...
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