Objective Synthesis

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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In “HARD BODIES” by “STUART EWEN” and “THE SPORTS TABOO” by “MALCOLM GLADWELL” outlines particular sports in addition to the differences between the athletic individuals and the ways in which they experience extracurricular activities. The first article listed begins by introducing a man named Raymond who is hoping to achieve the body figure in which he has always dreamed of having. It goes through his daily workout in detail in which he accomplishes after a long day in his office. To achieve his long wanted goal, he works on parts of his body piece-by-piece, practicing repetition in a room surrounded by full-length mirrors. The author then begins describing various advertisements with pictures of quote-on-quote perfect bodies. Both men and women pose together showing off their tone and completion with a light coating of oil. Men generally expose their upper half, as women tend to expose their arms, shoulders and stomach. The author believes that these advertisements undergo more meaning then just the exercise in which they advertise. They are more to attract viewers into wanting what they see and spending the money in order to achieve that particular body figure.

After reading this article, my mind brought me to think back to many advertisements that I have viewed on shelves of stores as well as gym membership pictures. These figures we see, as they appear toned and have perfection, are never the raw images of these particular individuals. When an advertisement states that the reader should start a new physical training in order to achieve this goal, it includes a denomination of false advertising. These images of these built individuals claim to have recently started new workout habits when in reality these models have kept in shape all their lives and have worked out daily in order to achieve their body types. Women in the workforce viewing these advertisements wanting to appear as these younger more fit women believe they too, can achieve such a body if...
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