Objective of Jigsaw

Topics: Safety, Personal protective equipment, Saw Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: April 28, 2013
The objective of this project is to use a system safety approach to evaluate hazards and risks associated with operating and maintaining Jigsaw tool. The Jigsaw is designed for cutting curves, circles, and irregular shapes on relatively large pieces of wood, although it can also be used for straight cutting. Most jigsaws now offer variable speed, as well as both straight and orbital action, which enable the user to adjust the jigsaw for cutting various woods, plastics and metals. Blade changing is now done with a knob or lever instead of an Allen wrench. Baseplates adjust from zero to 45 degrees to allow for beveled cuts, and quite a few jigsaws make this adjustment tool-less as well. Circle guides and straight fences are available for some models. Some jigsaws incorporate a "scrolling" knob that turns just the blade to follow a curving line, which is easier on the wrist than turning the whole tool. Users should be qualified or trained in the use of all power tools used in their work. There are many applications of using jigsaw such as:

* Cutting various lumber and pocket cutting.
* Cutting mild steel plate aluminum plate, and copper plate. * Cutting synthetic resins such as phenol resin and vinyl chryed. * Cutting thin and soft construction materials

Understanding the potential hazards associated with the use of jigsaw, and observing the following general safety precautions is very important to prevent those hazards from occurring: Safety before use:

* Faulty equipment must not be used
* Ensure the work area is suitable for the use of jigsaw
* Check that the tool is tagged and tested.
* Check the jigsaw and the power cord for signs of damage. * Keep the power cord and the hands clear of the jigsaw blade * Make sure that hold the jigsaw in the correct way as specified, to avoid cutting yourself * Jigsaw blades are prone to be broken if excessive force applied * Disconnect tools when they are not in use, before...
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