Objective of Communication Audit

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Objectives of the communication audit exercise
What is Company communicating? Are these communications effective? These are the two main questions that have been stated from the start. A Communication Audit will answer these questions. A Communication Audit is a method of research that helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of current internal and external communication. Our task was:

• To understand the internal structure of chosen organization (nature of organization) • To understand how the communication flows across employees (communication strategy, which tools and channels are used) • To understand how the task/work is divided (departmentalization) • To identify how past communications, as well as current, were handled • To identify strengths and weaknesses in current communication process • To determine management’s attitude and beliefs towards communication • To identify key audience, what they know about Company, what they need and want to know and how they prefer to be reached Every audit project is unique, our audit process is emphasizes more on internal communication process of organization, and it consists of several stages, as the normal audit. Here they are: 1. Planning or Preliminary Review- During the planning stage of audit, our team has to notify the client of the audit (chosen organization), discuss the scope and objectives of the examination in a formal meeting with organization management (including CEO). Also we have to gather information with any relevant communication survey/ data feedback available (employee survey questionnaire) and planned the remaining audit stages. 2. Fieldwork- The fieldwork concentrates on transaction testing and informal communications. During this phase our team has to determine whether the controls identified during the preliminary review are operating properly and in the manner described by the organization. After the observation inside the organization, we will...
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