Objections and Rebuttals

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  • Published : January 8, 2012
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Objections and Rebuttals

Whenever a customer has an objection to the offer or price, the problem is not that offer or the price it is actually that we as advocates have failed to build enough value in the product to justify the price. So in actuality the reason for the objection more often than not is that the customer is telling us that they are not willing to pay $19.95/$24.99 at this moment. The best way to combat this is to use an intelligent and informed rebuttal, do this by keeping the conversation going don't get flustered or aggravated Listen Think & Respond. Show empathy with the customer let them know you are here to solve their problem, remember we have to make the customers objections seem miniscule and offer a reasonable solution to get the sale. DO NOT LET AN OBJECTION TURN INTO A VERBAL BATTLE BETWEEN YOU AND THE CUSTOMER, YOU WILL LOOSE.

How to address an objection:
Step 1 – Cushion the objection by saying, “ I totally understand but...” Step 2 – Question the objection. I know this is a hurdle for some of us but we have to be confident remember these customers called us for a solution. Use what they revealed in the probing and call them out on it. Step 3 – Build more value tie the benefits directly to the objection. Again remind them why they called Paint a Picture for the customer help them visualize the results. Step 4 – Close. Don't wait after making a relevant rebuttal that makes purchasing the product today logical ask for the sale.

Now lets explore some common objections and rebuttals for those objections.

Objection: “I don't have a credit card!”
Rebuttal: “I totally understand, many people don't use credit cards.” This is when we need to go back to the hot button, remind the customer of their answers to your probing questions. Build value by tying the benefits directly to their reason for calling. This is were we need to make an affirmative statement “If I can guarantee you that for $19.95/$24.99 Proactiv would finally get...
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