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Ms. Ellen
I remember when I came from the Dominican Republic to USA. I was so frustrated because of the weather and language barrier. After two months my life started. I was going shopping, and going to restaurants Etc. One night I was thinking that I needed a job for many reasons. First, I needed to help my mom. Second, I wanted to be productive. After I knocked many doors, surfed the internet several times and hunted jobs everywhere with no good results finally I found someone who believed in me. Her name is Ellen and she is my inspiration to write this true history. It was in September 20th when I got the call. The next day I had an interview. I was so happy but at the same time anxious. The next day I went to her office while I was driving to my interview I had many thoughts like how the interview will be? How many questions she will ask me? Etc. I was so scared. When I saw Ellen with her perfect smile I felt confident. There were two people in front of me then was my turn. She told me last but not least and she smiled. I sat down in front of her desk and she started asking about my experience, skills and personality. After I answered all the questions, she told me I got the job. I was in shock and I thank her because the opportunity she had gave me. Ellen has an average height of five feet, 6 inches, weighs about 130 pounds and has a fit body type. She is white with tan skin. She has long and beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, arched eyebrows, a small and perfect nose and full lips. Ellen has a piercing in her nose is like a shiny and small earing. She speaks softly and quietly. Ellen wears very elegant clothes. She is always at the top of fashion with her high heels, Armani jeans, Burberry t-shirt, and of course Luis Vuitton purse. She loves it. My manager has a unique style with her personality make her look like an angel. The first quality that stands out about Ellen is her intelligence. At just 23 years old she is the store manager at Kohl’s in North...
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