Obeying a Lawful Order

Topics: Military discharge, Soldier, Military Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: January 7, 2012
Army value "DUTY"
In this essay you will learn about one of the most important Army value "Duty". In this essay i will be talking about a few diffrent topics that correnspond with the Army value "Duty". In this essy you read 3 diffrent stories about how soldiers did there duty and then i will give you 3 stories on how not doing your duty as soldier affects the team. You will also read about leadership duty and how it can either help the lower enlisted or break the lower enlisted. So be prepeared to get some knowledge dropped on and also to learn how you as a leader should think about how it affects joe.

Story 1: this story is about a young soldier who was some what squared away. He has been in the army for almost 2 years. During this time in the army he has been smoked, negitived couseled, and even a article 15. So this soldier has been slammed but he didnt get discouraged he kept his head up rolled with the punches and realized he dont have to stay in the army. So where does this story fit in? I know you are asking yourself this question as you read this essay well im about to explian it to you. Okay now back to the story, the soldier was three months away from his ets date and he was happy, excited, shit he even stop showing up for pt, and he had some celebration marry Jane. So this soldier was content on getting out because he felt that the army was not him and it was best to part there ways. So he's a week out and september 11 happens so he runs to the rention officer and reinlist because he knows that it was war time and it wasnt about just hime and his feeling about the army. His counrty was attacked and he took and oath to protect it so he put his personal feeling aside yeah he could have easly hit the yellow brick road, and chucked up the duces as he skipped his happy ass down the road. But he did beleave strongly about the army values and he had to preform his duty as soldier and an american. So this story 1 hold all questions comments and concerns...
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