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Why do people care obey the law?

Why do people not do things because it is against the law in the United States. I am talking about obviously wrong things like rape and murder or robbery and I am talking about crimes where you don't harm anyone and there is no real victim such as the casual use of drugs and running a red light when there are no cars and no police watching. Why would people follow these laws if they can't get caught and nobody is a victim.

Well I think that because most people feel like if they do something wrong that it will be just their luck to get caught. Personally, I think and feel like it's just easier to obey the laws and do the right things, since it keeps you out of trouble and keeps you will a clean record. By obeying the laws you don't have to pay huge fines for getting tickets, so you have a lot more money to be able to spend other ways that are more fun.

Also I think that most of us are just use to doing the right things at the right times, doing the right thing gets to be a good habit. Some people do run red lights when no one is looking, and sometimes people get killed for it and also get jail time. You don't just pick and choose laws to obey in the world. You shouldn't think it's ok to disobey a law just because you don't feel like obeying it or you just don't agree with it, that's part of being mature and living in a civilized society.

If you don't like a law, there are steps to go about having a law changed that doesn't hurt people, however this can be very hard to do. Breaking the law can and does hurt people in the world, and this includes drug use. If you are someone who wants to have pot legalized. You then would have to fight to have the law changed. But when you buy illegal drugs, you are giving money to people that are murderers, who finance terrorism. So you really can't blame the police for you getting busted for breaking the law, breaking the law is a decision you make.  I believe what we need to do is...
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