Obesity in Single Parent Homes

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Mother Pages: 1 (455 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Patrick Ingram
English 120-17
Obese but it’s not my fault
Here is your brand new baby boy! You were born twenty inches long, about seven pounds; the doctors tell your parents everything is great with you. Life is good but that only lasts for so long; your parents are young always arguing eventually your father feels like he cannot take it anymore and becomes fed up, gets his stuff and disappears. You are young and naïve, you begin to think that you were the reason that your father leaves; that drives you crazy, you become depressed and you turn to food as your way of coping with everything. Life has to continue going, your mom has to pick up the financial slack from your father leaving so she gets a second job, so now on top of her 9 to 5 she has another job that seems like it takes the rest of the day so by the time she gets home she is totally beat. She is too tired to cook so, she brings you back a happy meal, not nearly as good or as healthy as a home cooked meal but hey, what kid do you know that will turn down a chicken nugget meal. Working two jobs your mom can afford to get you games and toys so she decides to get you a brand spanking new game system. After a while that becomes all you do. You have no male figure in your life to push you toward playing sports or anything like that, so your physical activity is very limited. Your day consists of eating fast food/ junk food, playing video games and watching television; almost no physical activity what so ever. You are continuously gaining weight and being picked on for doing so, that makes you become a self-conscious person. Being self-conscious doesn’t help you at all with gaining friends; the same friends that you could/ would play ball with, or walk to school, or anything physical friends would normally do together. By the time you open up and change you have become morbidly obese. I know what you are thinking, maybe obesity is due to family history witch could be true but that can be treated or...
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