Obesity in School Aged Children

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  • Published : December 4, 2008
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Obesity has become an overwhelming problem in children all across the United States. School systems play a major roll to the increase of overweight children in the United States. School systems haven’t been taking physical education and health classes as seriously as they should be taken. In order to lower the amount of obese children throughout the nation, the school systems must change their ways of teaching and realize that health and physical education are as important as academics. Schools should ban high sugar and high fat foods, have physical education classes taken more seriously, and have health classes teach correct and healthy eating habits.

The first step to teach healthy eating habits in schools would be to ban high fat and high sugar foods. Schools should be providing their students with nutritious foods instead of unwholesome and damaging foods. Cafeterias can be as much of a learning area as a classroom, if desired. Selling healthy, well-balanced meals in cafeterias all across the nation, children will learn how to truly eat healthy meals. Students should also be punished if they are found to have brought an unhealthy meal or drink from home; doing so will force children to eat healthy for the six or seven hours that they are at school. Banning unwholesome foods from schools throughout the day will lower unhealthy food consumption for a majority of the student’s day.

The second step to lowering childhood obesity is to have schools take their physical education classes more seriously. Schools should make it a rule that students K-12 must take and pass a physical education class every year until high school graduation. Passing the physical education class also means they must obtain a C or higher. Any grade under a C should be considered failing for physical education classes. Having students taking physical education courses more seriously will help teach children, even at a young age, the correct ways to exercise and the...
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