Obesity in Australia

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: April 19, 2013
1.0 Introduction and basic info
2.0 Strategies used “find your thirty”
2.1 Strategies used “Go for 2 and 5”
2.2 Strategies used “Active After school communities”
3.0 Why these campaigns were run
4.0 Best way to lose weight
5.0 Appendices
Obesity is a ever increasing problem as it creates many health problems. Such as limited physical exercise, In Australia more than four million people are obese. Obesity is now the highest cause of premature death and illness, overtaking smoking. This has a negative impact on our society., struggling to achieve their daily activities, because of lack of energy. In this report strategies that the government has used, what they try to achieve, benefits of a healthy life, and physical activity.

One strategy, that the government has used is "find your thirty" For adults getting active and exercising for thirty or more minutes a day can be extremely beneficial. It can be in 3 blocks of 10 minutes to make it easier for adults that work during the day and may not have 30 minutes spare. By exercising for 30mins a day, your burning calories, getting outside, and the overall result is that you loose weight and become healthy. It is targeting the whole Australian public, because they are trying to reduce the obesity rate and create a healthier society. So they don’t have to spend as much on health care and on hospital. 2.1

Go for 2 and 5, is a campaign run by the government encouraging Australians to eat 2 fruit and 5 veg a day to get all essential vitamins and minerals and to maintain a healthy body and diet. It encourages you to add fruit on what you normally eat. For example: instead of eating just Weet-bix for breakfast add some fruit on top of that. Which adds to the flavour and means that you get more vitamins and minerals into your body. (See appendices) 2.2

Active after school communities is a program run in primary schools for primary school kids at a primary school friendly time, and at the...
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