Obesity in America

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Obesity in America

Obesity in America has become a rising epidemic. Less people are concerned about what they are eating and more focused on getting food quickly. In the 1920s the fast food industry began, and then took off in the 1950s ("Fast-Food Litigation."). Modern life in America has changed over the years. Today more people depend on machinery and technology to get things done. Therefore there is less labor needed to get a job done. Unfortunately what many people are not seeing is that even though this food is quick and easy, it is posing a threat to their health. The motto “life is short, eat what you want” is stuck in every one’s head. In America we live a very fast paced life, and we are always on the go. Most people work a full time job, and kids have multiple activities that are going on. Sitting down for a home cooked family meal is not always feasible. So the solution for most is to go to a fast food restaurant and get dinner to either take home or eat on the way. The foods being served however lack the nutritional value a home cooked meal would contain. Not to mention the larger portion that will be consumed by eating out. With over 160,000 fast food restaurants to choose from, America is anything but lacking in this department. In fact 50 million people are served daily, which helps the industry generate $110 billion revenue ("Fast Food Statistics.”). It is now just part of everyday life, where years before, getting fast food was more of a treat. The food is tasty and there is always something that everyone will like. With multiple choices of pizza, friend chicken, soda, burgers, and French fries just about anyone would be happy. But that is where these companies trick us. Our tongues tell us the food is good but our bodies tell us otherwise. The foods being served are processed, which means to perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on something in order to change or preserve it. These fried foods are extremely high in fats,...
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