Obesity Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food restaurant, Fast food Pages: 3 (1521 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Ms. Verbout
English 101 M & W 9:30
Obese Consumer’s Vs. Fast Food Industries
When you see an obese child eating at a fast food industry with more than enough food for two meals, who’s to blame? That child consumer, the parents of the consumer, or the fast food industries, you decide. Fast food presents its self as delicious, but in reality it’s the opposite with the fats in it, the grease and how unhealthy it can be for you. When it comes to fast food it is hard to not crave it. A lot of people are guilty of eating it, as I know I am, But many consumers rely and eat it almost every day should this be blamed on the fast food industries? Or should the consumers who chose to eat way too much be blamed? Do obese consumers have anywhere to stand if they want to blame the fast food industry? For most people yes they do. When an obese consumer is eating a big mac or any food at a fast food chain they have a right to know exactly what they are eating since they are paying for it. Most fast food chains aren’t stamping wrappers or the menu with everything that is being put into their food or how it is being made. In a recent article “McDonalds Announces End to Pink Slime in Burgers” by Matthew Rosenbaum goes into depth of what this pink slime is. These trimmings, which consist of what’s left of the meat after all the choice cuts of beef are taken, are banned for human consumption in the U.K, where they are instead used for dog and chicken food. They are legal for consumption in the United States, however, where they are treated with ammonium hydroxide in order to kill off bacteria such as E. coli and make it safe for human consumption. (1) This means that the consumers who aren’t watching the news nor have internet can’t find out these types of things, which makes them unaware of these things. With these “trimmings” what can happen with our nation’s health? The fast food Industries see all the problems America is having with health care due to obesity, why...
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