Obesity and Exercise

Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Latoya Mann
Nov. 6th 2012
Prof. Jacobs

Obesity and Exercise When obese people decide to lose weight, physical exercise is not the only obstacle. There are also mental hurdles they must overcome. A healthy exercise program is proven to not only strengthen physical health in the obese population, but it also can reduce the effects of depression.

Losing weight is the number one physical benefit for overweight people. Becoming more active and eating better gives a boost of energy to do more. In the article Fat is a Mental Health Issue ; the author Janet Grey states that most people are obese or overweight is due to the lack of knowledge on how to properly eat and cook healthy meals. Giving the body the proper nutritional meals allows the human body to process food better. This provides the body with more energy. More energy results in doing more and feeling better in normal day to day activities. It’s not enough being physically ready. Being mentally ready is needed as well. For overweight people being mentally ready is one of the hurdles that needs to be overcome. In most cases being depressed is part of that challenge. Being depressed can hinder weight loss by causing lack of motivation. According to James Annesi from the International Journal of Clinical Health & Psychology; exercising helps relieve tension and depression when done over a 24 week period. As well as depression being a major factor in weight loss issues, mentally fear is a major hindrance when it comes to weight loss; the fear of where to begin, how to get started, something new, and change which could really be enhanced by depression. No matter what the mental hurdles are, nothing could compare to what the benefits of exercising could do to mental health.

James Annesi stated that exercise a predictor of weight loss and mood improvement. In the article Exercise is the Best Medicine, Bill Phillips explains how...
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