Obesity and Exercise

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Research Question:
Obesity in America and exercise
I. Obesity is on the rise among American children.
A. Increase in high fat and sugary foods.
B. Increase in inactivity.
C. Decrease in physical activity.

II. Increase in high fat and sugary foods.
A. Americans are watching more tv.
i. Americans watch 15 hours a week.
b. children playing more video games.
i. One in 3 children play more than 10 hours a week ( world book online 2007) III. Increase in high fat and sugary foods. A. Americans eat more processed foods ( potatoes, chips, cakes, ect)than children in any other developed country. B. American children eat 50% more refined sugars than children in other countries. iv. Decrease in physical Exercise.

a. Americans are spending more time watching tv and playing video games. b. Children are confined to their homes due to unsafe neighborhoods. i. In a newsweek article, Sanders writes “kids no longer play until dinner with their neighbors down the block. Parents often forbid children from playing outside because of the dangers they may encounter. v. Child obesity is on the rise in our community because of the unhealthy diets and lack of exercise which has become all too common. A. Some solutions for dealing with the problem. i. parents limit childrens time in front of the tv ii. limit fast food to once a week, an increase exercise daily. iii.Increase healthy foods and fruits and vegestables. iv. Parents take children to safe parks or enroll them in sports.
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