Obesity and Dancing

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Dancing is a self expression that can be done in numerous ways and can take part for our life as hobby. Dancing has evolved many types that are ballet, waltz, break dancing, African dance and so on. Besides that, dancing can bring a healthy lifestyle, happy mood and social life for us.

First, dancing can give us happy mood. Dancing can help us release stress and depression from any aspect either from work or home problem. Since music can giving us a sense of well being to our mind and body. By this, also can improves good and hormone cells in our body and maintain a happy mood in every moment and day. Besides this, dancing can contribute us to high esteem and establish self confident. That we can have a positive outlook lead we look up fresh and active.

Moreover, dancing can create a social life in our life by join the dancing class. Through participating in dancing classes can encourage and recognize a lot of friends who come from different places and backgrounds. This can help us to expand our communications networks and learn how to communication with each other. These are easily for us to sharing our personal problem to friends and try to get the problem solution and counseling from them too. So, we have a positive environment and our mental health will increase.

Furthermore, dancing can like a lifestyle. Nowadays, people are busy in their job and no more free time to do some exercise even on the weekend or public holiday. Dancing can be doing at room as like indoor exercise. Via dancing can maintain our body shapes and keep away from the overweight and avoid from disease like obesity and diabetes. Dancing also can strengthen the flexibility of the body especially is leg muscle. Besides that, dancing can help us build principle self discipline, dress neatly and punctuality.

As a conclusion, dancing can give us many benefits via various ways. So, we need to take the chance and try to use the benefits to our life. We also can learn how technique to...