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Obesity Among Children and Pets

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Obesity Among Children and Pets

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An overwhelmingly large number of inhabitants of this country are obese. Obesity can be observed in everyone from the newspaper boy or girl to the poodle next door. However, small children and animals have no ability to control their weight. They depend completely on their parents or caregivers to supply them with food. Why then, would any person, thin or fat, want to make their child or pet overweight? Perhaps the best way to find this answer is to look at the way two certain types of people view their pets and show their love.

For many people pets are athletes that require special care, even if the pet isn't a show animal. People in this category view animals as beings that need healthy diets and active lifestyles. Therefore, it is necessary that the animals, whether cat, dog, horse, or bird, receive high quality food that is intended for their type of species. They are never fed table scraps, and when they do get the "rare treat," it is one that is made for pets and is low fat. The high quality diet enables the animal to maintain a correct weight level. With the correct weight they are able to take part in many physical activities, which their owners usually help them do daily.

A good example of a person who cares for their animals in this manner would be someone who shows dogs, such as Karyn Kopecko, cousin of the author. Her Golden Retrievers receive the care of an Olympic athlete. For at least one hour a day, the dogs walk, sit, heel, and jump obstacles not only to prepare for the next show, but also to keep their muscle tone and reflexes tuned. Their diet plan is also as intricate as an Olympian's. They eat only high quality dog chows, but the nutritional content of these foods differs from meal to meal. At one meal, the dogs might receive a chow that is high in protein. At another, the chow could contain a large amount of iron. The type of chow fed depends on the level of exercise done that day, as well as the date of the next show....

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