Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Overweight Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Obesity, especially among children, has become more and more serious in this decade. Children nowadays live a sedentary lifestyle. They are on studies and no time to do exercise. As a result, many of them are overweight. Obesity can be a serious problem as it badly affects children’s growth and lead to many serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ so, in this essay, I will discuss three possible solutions to the problem.

First of all, children should have a balanced diet. Children become obese due to the unhealthy diets. Most children love snacking but those snacks are high in calories but low in vitamins. Therefore, parents should buy some natural and rich in nutrient snacks such as nuts and dried fruit instead of those unhealthy snacks for their children as parents have direct responsibility for nurturing healthy eating habits.

Secondly, parents and school should encourage children to do more exercise. Children eat a lot but they do not do exercise and that is the reason they become obese. They ought to be encouraged to do more outdoor activities, for example, swimming, playing tennis or hiking. They can also have fun while doing these activities. These outdoor activities are much better than watching television and playing computer games. According to some medical reports, we should do at least thirty minutes of exercise a day in order to keep our body fit and healthy.

Thirdly, I think adults should educate children on the dangers of being obese and tell them how to prevent themselves from getting obese. Children need to know why parents do not let them eat junk food and why they need to do regular exercise. If they know the rationale behind such advice, they are willing to follow that advice. It is also essential for adults to set a good example for the younger generation.

To conclude, practical suggestions as to how to solve the problem of obesity among children in Hong Kong...
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