Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Cancer Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Kelsey Borders
Jane Picknell
USEM 101- Summary 3
25 November 2012
The American Obesity Epidemic
Yves Engler, a Canadian writer and political activist, claims obesity is an epidemic in America caused mostly by corporations. He declares that obesity is the biggest health crisis in America, and that America is one of the most over weight and obese countries in the world. Engler pronounces that 127 million adults are now overweight and 60 million are obese. He believes that corporations such as the auto industry and fast food restaurants such as MacDonald’s, are to blame for people being over-weight and obese. A large number of fast food restaurants are distributed all over the country and they are continuing to cram more in cities. For instance, Engler states, “Dunkin Donuts opened 1,000 international stores, which 2,000 had increased to 5,000.” A question arises: Do we really need that many Dunkin Donuts?

Engler pronounces that companies are targeting kids using cartoon advertisements and toys to increase the chances of them buying the “food” product, and are highly successful. Kids know who Roland MacDonald is and believe that he knows what is best for their health. Engler articulates that fast food restaurants are increasing their portion sizes. Engler states, “It has been shown that people consume 30 percent more when served with larger portions.” This is a big contributor to obesity. The Food and Drug Administration, and USDA are pushovers and are weakening their guidelines, for the worse. Engler strongly believes that there is a need for tight limits on fast food marketing and a need to spread awareness of the corruption of obesity.

It is embarrassing that America has come to such a low point with the obesity epidemic. We should stop constructing fast food restaurants, and possibly eliminate some as well. More people need to be aware and more educated with this issue. Schools should not cut back on physical education classes. As...
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