Topics: Obesity, New Zealand, Nutrition Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: January 13, 2013
The scientific knowledge and focus on overweight people and obesityis now huge. The term “Obesity epidemic” is a common phrase usedin society, particularly by health professionals and doctors, whoemphasise their concern for our society and future generations’health. Undoubtedly, there are New Zealanders, both adults andchildren who are obese, but can we consider this an epidemic?The word epidemic is rather emotive as it has medical connotationsgiving the implication that mass amounts of people are suffering fromsome kind of “condition” or disease. “Epidemic” means to be“spreading rapidly and extensively by infection and affecting manyindividuals in an area or a population at the same time.” While wemay consider some people obese, it may be an overstatement tocategorise obesity among plagues such as influenza and smallpox.However, there are those who would argue against this analysis of the“epidemic” to be an exaggeration since some statistics do confirmthat obesity and childhood obesity has in fact increased.Epidemic or no epidemic there is indeed a need to change something- even multiple things in order to improve the well-being of NewZealand children. To determine possible solutions to this problem it isimportant to understand what obesity and inactivity is, and why itmay exist. Is it something that always has, and always will due to predeterminants or have we created childhood obesity through our ownchoices?Throughout this essay, I am going to attempt to answer and evaluatemany of the questions and opinions I have out lined above. I will alsocritically analyse the following: Possible causes of childhood obesityand inactivity, the relationship between childhood obesity andinactivity, and reasons as to why they are issues of concern for NewZealand. From this information, I will discuss possible solutions tothese issues and implications of the possible outcomes. Additionally,whether current influences surrounding New Zealand are likely toenable and allow these...
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