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I would like to thank The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Librarians who helped me in gathering information relevant to the topic as well as The Nation Newspaper who provided me with access to their archives in order to source literature. I would like to express sincere thanks to all the participants comprising the sample who took time out of their busy schedules to complete the questionnaire.

Problem Statement
Teenagers in Barbados are acutely unaware of the widespread incidences and impact of obesity among and on its population.

Statement of Problem
According to the World Health Organization/Forbes List, more than 1.6 billion people in the world are either overweight or obese. A recent study showed that Barbados is ranked 12th among the fattest countries in the world where 69.7% of the population is considered obese or overweight. Obesity is associated with a high BMI (body mass index). These days sedentary attitudes are more common – “a couch bum” and staying behind a computer-screen, this means that most school children get less physical activity. Obesity also led to the rise in diseases in Barbados such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. The study seeks to examine the knowledge amongst a sample of sixth form students towards obesity in Barbados.

Research Questions
1.Are these teenagers aware of the increasing trend of obesity among Barbadian youth? 2.Do these teenagers understand the various implications associated with obesity? 3.Do these teenagers understand what can be done to curb obesity? 4.What are the attitudes of these young people towards obesity?

Educational Value
This study will increase awareness about obesity in Barbados and hopefully diminish or control its popularity. It should also be useful for authorities to encourage healthy eating and steady exercise. Finally, it may cause others to understand those who are obese because it is not always a choice.

Definition of Terms

Obesity: An abnormal increase of fat in the subcutaneous connective tissues.

Obese: Grossly fat or overweight.

Hypertension: High blood pressure. Despite many discrete and inherited but rare forms that have been identified, the evidence is that for the most part blood pressure is a multifactorial, perhaps galtonian trait. Its strong cybernetic properties may also be largely inherited but would not be reflected in measurements of heritability.

Cardiovascular disease: A disease relaying to the heart and blood vessels or circulation.

Cancer: General term regularly used to indicate and various types of malignant neoplasm, most of which invade surrounding tissues, may metastasize to several sites, and are likely to recur after attempted removal and to cause death of the patient unless adequately treated.

Stroke: Term symbolizing the sudden development of focal neurological deficits usually related to impaired cerebral blood.

Literature Review

Lately obesity has become talked about greatly among health care providers and the general public in Barbados and the wider Caribbean. Researchers within the region have indicated that obesity has become a growing concern and this epidemic has great plea on our healthcare system economically. Professor Henry Fraser has done widespread studies on obesity and tries to synthesize the public at every opportunity possible. In an editorial entitled, “The Obesity Epidemic of the Caribbean” by H.S. Fraser, PhD., FRCP. Faculty of Medical Sciences, U.W.I. Barbados, T. Forester, DM. PhD., and R Wilkes, DM., MRCP. (UK), Tropical Metabolism Research Unit, U.W.I. Jamaica (n.d.), Professor...
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