Obese Childern

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Junk food Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Shilta. Naidu
Rachael Grant

Would you like fries with that?

Have you wondered what ever happened to brown paper bag lunches? In this generation, a majority of north American teens do not believe in the good use of packing healthy lunches for school. Now day's kids eat what they find not realizing the atrocious conditions that might become a problematic factor in their future. Fast food is to blame for the amount of increments obese children, the growth of financial expenses as well as harming our environmental habitat. It's ridiculous to think how fast food is making a big impact on students. Not only is fast food a waste of money but also a waste of life.

Schools should downright not offer fast food options due to the increase of underage obesity, financial expenses as well as hazardous impacts on the environment.

Walking up to burger king and ordering fries might seem fast and easy. However, have you wondered about the consequences of health risks that may cause such as the increase of underage obesity as well as agglomeration of other diseases . Apart from the fact fast food is contained with copious amounts chemicals and preservatives, according to www.matadornnetwork.com some foods such as chicken nuggets contains enormous amounts of polysiloxe which are ingredients also found in silly putty. Product such as polysiloxe are powerful toxicant that affects young body and minds. It is known to contaminate the blood stream, clog arteries as well as damage nerves. Furthermore, obesity is caused by inadequate amounts of nutrient intake which may slow down the heart rate As to a result to decreasing the ability on staying physically active and causing physical pain. In addition, obesity is also a leading cause of disease for type two diabetes, Heart disease, liver disease, stroke and much more. illnesses mentioned are deadly impacts . Obesity is a venomous health hazard and to eliminate this lethal disease the solution is simple eat...
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