Obayuwana: A Victim of Family Culture Clash

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Let him fly. A 19 year old Air Force prospect seeks emancipation from parents. Osaro Obayuwana, currently a student at Rutgers University, is desperately in the hunt for independence. Having a mother with an African American background and a father of Nigerian descent, Obayuwana has fallen victim to a family culture clash. Desperate to break free, this young man hopes to become the first member of his family to graduate from college and, eventually, join the armed forces. With two parents who hold different views about what is best for their son, this adolescent is urgently attempting to hold all the power; making himself his ultimate decision maker. Currently studying in the communications department, this young man has high hopes of joining the military. Obayuwana has a long list of relatives who have been in the service and he feels he is destined to follow in their footsteps; but must first be given the full opportunity to make the choice on his own. Obayuwana’s mother would love for her child to do something meaningful with his life; however his old-fashioned father seems to have overruling tendencies and often hinders any free-ranging conclusion. Being in the work force since the young age of 14, Obayuwana has already endured real-world experiences, hopefully prepping him for Air Force training, says the teen. He feels more than prepared to tackle the challenges the lie ahead and is confident in his visions. This goal-oriented student has big dreams and is unwavering in his effort to make those dreams a reality. Obayuwana is comfortable making his own life choices and feels he is equipped with the knowledge he needs to succeed. Although possessing a strong love for his family, he is constantly stuck in the middle of inharmonious cultures, further manipulating his ability to think for himself; thus challenging his predetermined mindset. Once unrestricted, Obayuwana wishes to still keep close contact with his parents but needs them to...
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