Obamacare. Opposing Views

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Libertarianism Pages: 5 (1886 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Affordable Care Act is a statute signed into a law by Barack Obama on March, 23 2010. This act which is also known as Obamacare is a part of a health care reform which among other things will change and regulate requirements for employers’ group insurance plans as well as private health plans and public health programs. There are a lot of pros and cons to this reform and a lot of aspects of the act are being misinterpreted or misunderstood. Although this reform was designed with the best intents, certain aspects of it seem to be questionable. One of the aspects that raises the most disputes among the political leaders is the funding issue associated with the implementation of this act. In order to finance the new program 500 billion dollars were taken out from Medicare funds to be set aside to fund Obamacare. So that this reform can be better evaluated, it is important to understand all the perspectives of the reform, and evaluate who will benefit from it in a short and in a long run. Aside from political dispute, one of the important perspectives of this reform is the regular people who will be affected by it, including both employers and employees, and their concerns that this reform is raising. Employers are feeling anxious of being forced into providing health coverage to their employees and extra economic costs that they will be forced to face in order to do so. Some business owners are even worried of their overall ability to stay in business if they experience extra expenses. Employees are worried about the costs that they will carry, as they will be forced to cover part of the costs associated with mandatory health coverage, and what will remain of their paychecks in order to be able to provide for their families. And the last major category at stake is doctors and health care providers themselves who are wondering what will happen when additional 32 million Americans get medical insurance, and who will be treating them as the resources available to provide medical help these days are already limited. In this analysis I will try to utilize different ethical approaches and philosophical theories that will help better understand pros and cons of this reform, as well as the positions taken by our political leaders in regards to it. At the end, I will conclude with my own understanding of this reform and consequences that I see it will lead to. In my opinion, one of the most commonly used ethical theories is utilitarian theory. I will use this theory to identify the ethical and economical questions raised by this reform. According to utilitarian theory, the decision is considered ethical if it does greatest good to the greatest number of people. But in order to determine the amount of people affected positively or negatively, it is important to identify all the stakeholders of that decision. We already identified several groups that will be affected by Affordable Care Act, such as employers, employees and their families, doctors and other healthcare providers, but also we need to include regular taxpayers as funding of Obamacare might affect them too. What is also important to understand, is the difference between the benefits that this program will give now against the consequences of the same program that can be experienced in the future. Let’s take a look at the White House prospective and the perspective of the opposition in both short and long runs. By enforcing this act, legislators believe that the advantages of this reform outweigh the cost. Medicare spending continues to go up year after year. The health care bill tries to identify ways to save money, and so the $500 billion figure comes from the difference over 10 years between anticipated Medicare spending and the changes the law makes to reduce spending. “Reducing the deficit by $143 billion over the next ten years, and by $1.2 trillion more over...
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