Obama vs. Romney vs. Myself

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Obama vs. Romney vs. Myself

By | November 2012
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Megan Wolkenhauer
Meryl DePasquale
Obama vs. Romney vs. Myself
Being able to vote for the first time is a big deal for our generation. In this year’s election, one of the most controversial topics was raised, to legalize gay marriage. I myself, think that it should not be allowed. Therefore I am voting yes. Being able to vote is a privilege and I plan on using it. The debate over Obama and Romney is much focused, and it will be a close run. Both candidates support things that I agree with and they both support things that I disagree with. Because of this, the controversy between the two can be very heated. Originally I thought that Romney should have been the next President of the United States, but after seeing what the candidates’ outlooks of the more controversial topics were, I am satisfied with the outcome of Obama continuing into his second term in office. In the 2012 election the two major candidates running for Presidency were Barak Obama and Mitt Romney. Barak Obama is a Democrat and Mitt Romney is a Republican. Their views on several topics differ according to their party. During these elections, we are able to see both sides of each issue. Some of the issues include gay rights, healthcare, and foreign policy. Some people may as wonder what the candidates’ views on foreign policy are. Obama being on the democrat side opposed near-term military strike on Iran but holds that option open if it proves the only way to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Obama is also refocusing on the threat from al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, responsibly ending the War in Iraq, stopping a massacre and supporting the Libyan people, keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists, promoting peace and security in Israel and the Middle East, re-energizing America’s alliances, maintaining core American values, leading an international effort to ensure the emergence of an independent South Sudan and remains committed to ending the suffering in...

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